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Transformed Detoxifying Toner: Heal Stubborn Breakouts

Transformed Detoxifying Toner:  Heal Stubborn Breakouts

The Benefits of Adding Transformed Detoxifying Toner to your daily routine

Transformed is the perfect product for pesky breakouts and congestion.  It contains a potent yet very healing formula that penetrates deep into the sebaceous gland targeting the bacteria, oil and inflammation.  It is a must have for those pre-menses pimples. When you feel a breakout coming beneath the surface just spot treat with Transformed and stop it in its tracks. 

Transformed is a great weekly exfoliant or it can be used daily if you are more oily, and prone to frequent breakouts.  For daily use we recommend diluting the cotton pad first with some water.  Our first line of focus is always protecting the skin barrier.  

Unique Formulation 
Transformed is alcohol free and formulated into an organic aloe base to preserve your precious skin barrier - the key to clear skin.  It contains hydrogen peroxide to oxygenate the pores along with Salicylic and Glycolic acid to heal breakouts, and lighten acne scars. Finally the Dead Sea brine is a mineral rich water containing magnesium, potassium and bromide to regulate moisture, cleanse the pores and support the skin barrier.  

Transformed Tips and tricks
Transformed is an amazing spot treatment.  When you feel those pesky deep ones underneath the skin take a q-tip and saturate it in the Transformed Toner and press it on the area for 30 seconds allowing this pimple fighting solution to heal them beneath the skin.  If the area of breakouts is larger than use a cotton pad and press into the area of breakouts for 30 seconds. 

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