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The Activation & Regeneration System

Once your skin is well hydrated on all layers it is ready for “Activation & Regeneration" with our unique high grade active formulations merging eastern medicine with natural and medical grade skincare.  Think collagen and elastin formation, brightener skin tone, accelerated cell turnover, along with smooth texture and tone.

Forget Beauty has 3 products in the “Activation & Regeneration” System:

  • Illuminated Vitamin C Powder 
  • Empowered Collagen Revival Serum (normal, aging skin retinaldehyde serum)
  • Harmonized Clarifying Serum (acne prone skin retinaldehyde serum)

Day Time Activation & Regeneration with Illuminated Vitamin C Powder

Illuminated is a potent Vitamin C Powder (l-ascorbic acid) that is mixed into your Awakened Serum every morning. One scoop of Illuminated Vitamin C Powder further enhances the benefits of this ultra hydrating serum by brightening the skin, providing antioxidant protection all while promoting collagen.

Vitamin C in the form L-ascorbic acid is the strongest form yet it is very unstable.  To maintain its potency we only carry it in a powder form allowing you to mix it into your Awakened Hydrating Serum each morning ensuring it is fresh, safe and effective every time you apply it. 

Night Time Activation & Regeneration with Harmonized and Empowered

Most of use have heard of Vitamin A and its benefits for the skin and many of us have experienced it in its popular forms; retinol, and the prescription form retinoic acid. Forget Beauty has chosen to formulate with the most superior form of Vitamin A available; Encapsulated Retinaldehyde (ER). This form of Vitamin A is the most potent but least irritating. ER promotes collagen, and regulates healthy cell turnover ensuring you are producing healthy new cells on a regular basis resulting in a brighter, fresher looking complexion. 

Aside from its youth enhancing benefits it is a must have for acne prone skin. ER regulates sebaceous gland activity controlling oil output, heals acne breakouts and lightens pesky and stubborn acne scars. 

We have two powerful Vitamin A serums in the Forget Beauty line.

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