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3 Products to Nourish & Stimulate Your Precious Collagen

3 Products to Nourish & Stimulate Your Precious Collagen

 #1 Illuminated Vitamin C Powder 

This potent l-ascorbic acid powder is a total skin brightener, protector, lightener and collagen stimulator.   It is your daytime defense product that will protect your from free radical damage, collagen depletion, pigmentation, and helps to slow down the hands of time.  Illuminated comes in a powder form because it is the strongest yet most unstable form of Vitamin C so the powder form keeps it stable and potent and all you have to do is mix a tiny scoop into the Awakened Hydrating Serum each morning.  


#2 Awakened Hydrating Serum

Awakened is our top seller for almost a decade. It is formulated to penetrate deep to your dermal layer where it nourishes your collagen and elastin keeping it supple and juicy.  It provides your skin with a replenishing dose hyaluronic acid. Think luscious flower garden vs. dry cracking desert.  Awakened is a high performance serum formulated with botanicals, eastern herbs, and potent antioxidants and hydrators. It is the daytime companion to your Illuminated Vitamin C Powder.  When the two are mixed together alchemical magic happens!


#3 Empowered Collagen Revival Serum  

Our Advanced night-time serum was intelligently formulated with Encapsulated Retinaldeyde, also known as the most superior form of Vitamin A alongside a long list of high performance actives, peptides, botanicals and cell awakening ingredients. This formulation transforms the skin from the dermal layer all the way up to the epidermis by promoting collagen and elastin and completely restoring the skin back to a rejuvenated and empowered state.  We dare you to find a more impressive formulation.  

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