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Skin Healing Probiotics - Meet Biofense & Black Tea Ferment

Skin Healing Probiotics - Meet Biofense & Black Tea Ferment

Topical probiotics restore skin's microbiome and increase the number of good bacteria on the skin. 

When we talk about bacteria and skincare we often think about acne only, but the reality is good bacteria is essential to healthy skin for everyone.  Your skin's microbiome is precious and needs to be respected and nurtured with proper skincare.  

The first line of defence to protecting a healthy skin microbiome is maintaining a proper PH and not over-exfoliating or stressing the skin with irritating ingredients.
Equally as important is using advanced, intelligently formulated skincare ingredients like Biofense and Black Tea Ferment which are found in two of our rockstar products; Harmonized and Immersed.  

Skin Healing Probiotic in Harmonized Clarifying Serum

Our acne healing, collagen making super serum - Harmonized Clarifying Serum contains a unique ingredient called BioFense - a skin healing probiotic. This serum is formulated to preserve your precious microbiome while healing acne prone skin. BioFense is made from a fermented probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus. While creating balanced microflora it reduces harmful bacteria on the skin and the size and erythema of acne lesions heal much quicker.  BioFense is joined by a host of other powerful eastern herbs such as Burdock and Neem to soothe inflammation while reducing bacteria and excess oil in the skin. 

Skin Healing Probiotic in Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer 

Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer is not your regular everyday moisturizer, it is a skin longevity boosting super product.  Black tea ferment strengthens your skin barrier while brightening and rejuvenating your outermost skin layer.  Black tea ferment is filled with youthful vitamins such as B1,2,3,6, and C working to restore your natural skin radiance while balancing your precious microbiome.  

A healthy skin barrier, and balanced microbiome sets the stage for your skin’s ability to utilize and receive advanced active ingredients harmoniously and effectively for long living and youthful skin. 



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