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Your Beauty Soul Retrieval

Your Beauty Soul Retrieval

Woman are endlessly trying to achieve a false sense of beauty, wanting to rid themselves of what they have been told is unattractive.  Society has defined beauty as something that is purely external and often completely unattainable without resorting to drastic measures.  This has lead many women on an endless journey of fixing what is not broken. What needs to be healed is our relationship with ourselves as we release the painful messages society keeps feeding us. Trying to attain these false standards of beauty has destroyed the relationship we have with ourselves, the most important relationship we will ever have. The self-love we cultivate determines the success of every other relationship in our lives.

Putting ourselves on limiting diets, and engaging in destructive internal dialogue, spending copious amounts of money on products that make false claims, and attaching our happiness and self worth to our physical appearance will always result in the same temporary satisfaction simply because the real transformation and healing needs to happen within us.

Shift to Self Love

The truth is, the only way to really feel beautiful is when an internal shift occurs—a shift to self-love and self-acceptance. It requires learning the skill of self-nurturing and only then will you begin to see yourself as you truly are, rather than a failed version of who you were told you should be. This is a journey of self-reclamation that can be very difficult to achieve—or even understand—when we are wired from a young age to seek happiness and acceptance externally.  For most of us this requires re-wiring and undoing years of parental, and societal conditioning, negative self talk and false beliefs.

The journey can be emotional, painful and challenging but the rewards will far outweigh the challenges. You do not need to go on this healing journey alone, find soul sisters and groups for support. Step by step you will start to reclaim inner strength and power you never knew we had. This is the true self emerging—the powerful, self-loving, compassionate, warrior-self coming to take over and transform your life.     

We need to practice compassion, and love for ourselves each day, not judgment and dissatisfaction. We need to practice self forgiveness for all the pain we have caused ourselves and make a vow to begin honouring who we are—who we truly are. Ask for teachers, books, groups, and any guidance to come forth in your life to help heal your heart and relationship with yourself and then wait patiently as things start to appear.  Embrace the journey and all emotions it brings forth, and feel what needs to be felt. Remember you have always been beautiful and you will always be beautiful.  



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