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Heal Dry, Dehydrated Skin Now

Heal Dry, Dehydrated Skin Now

by Amanda Beisel 

Exfoliate Away Dead, Drab Skin Weekly  

If you're not exfoliating your skin on a weekly basis, your skincare products can't effectively penetrate your skin, which makes them less effective. Your skin won't be as hydrated as it could be, and the dead drab layer will result in further dryness, and dehydration as well as a dull appearance. To sum it up, the dead layer needs to go and it needs acids or enzymes to send it on its way. After owning a holistic skin clinic for 10 years I can confidently say that liquid- and gel-based exfoliants made up of gentle acids are the superior form of exfoliation. These acid-based exfoliants give a more thorough exfoliation as they penetrate beyond the surface—scrubs simply can't do that. Plus, for many skins, granular scrubs are much too irritating. And if you're  acne-or rosacea-prone I highly advise against scrubs as they will lead to further inflammation and irritation.

Feed Your Skin a Big Drink of Water 

A water-based serum is the skincare product that goes deep to the dermal layer to bind water right where its needed—where your collagen lives. Moisturizers and oils cannot reach this layer.  A water-based serum is the only way to resolve dehydration in this crucial layer, nourishing and hydrating the collagen and elastin, reducing and at times, eliminating the appearance of fine lines. I like to encourage my clients to think of the deep dermal layer as the soil in your skin garden. This garden needs lots of water to be healthy and I'm not talking about drinking it— even though that is also important—but water in this case comes from your water-based serum. 

Oil up Your Dry Skin 

Not everyone needs an oil, but those with very dry skin or those who spend a lot of time in the elements,  will greatly benefit from a skin oil.  Just like moisturizer, an oil works in the top layer of the skin replenishing it with much needed lipids. Not all oils are created equal—you need a blend of oils as they all have unique properties and benefits. My favourites are rosehip oil, pomegranate oil, and black cumin seed oil. Don't choose an oil over a moisturizer though; they have  very different functions.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

A great moisturizer should be a non-negotiable in everyone's skincare routine. It provides hydration to the outermost layer of the skin—the epidermis. This is the layer that has direct exposure to the environment.  If you're not using a well-formulated moisturizer, this layer of skin becomes compromised when exposed to  extreme temperatures, from air conditioning, dry air, wind and many other factors. A moisturizer hydrates this layer, but also forms a protective layer for the skin to withstand these environmental triggers. Moisturizer is a skin protector. It forms a light shield on the skin preventing water loss. Even the smallest amount of water loss in the skin—known as trans-epidermal water loss—can cause it to become dry, flaky or reactive.  

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