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Clear Skin Anti-Androgen Tea

Clear Skin Anti-Androgen Tea

Naturally balance your hormones and elevate your skin health

Acne is not a frustrating skin condition reserved for those teenage years, in fact, there has recently been a dramatic increase in the number of adult acne cases over the past few years. Food is medicine and this tea is a must for those dealing with hormonal acne. 

My belief is the food we are eating, the air we are breathing, and the demanding lifestyles we are living are all having negative affects on our hormones. When dealing with acne, an internal care program is as important as topical application and ideally followed on a daily basis to aid in regulating our hormones.  

The Clear Skin Tea Tonic is a powerful anti-androgen tea that will safely, and naturally help balance your hormones and elevate your overall health through the combination of superfoods, mushrooms and healing herbs.  

Benefits of Clear Skin Tea Tonic

Acts as a natural anti-androgen blocker. Androgens increase sebum production and inflammation.

More than just an antioxidant, it is what we call a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor - an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT (which is 10x more potent than testosterone).  This 5-alpha enzyme is more active in acne prone skin, consuming green tea  therefore helps decrease the androgen conversion. 

A blood purifier, natural anti-inflammatory agent and great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Contains two super herbs in Chinese Medicine 1) the Reishi mushroom  (Ling Zhi) and Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi), both anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic meaning they help to heal the body from the effects of stress. Reishi also has anti-androgen properties making it a great herb for acne prone skin. 


The Spearmint Tea, Nettles Tea, and Green Tea can be bought at your local health food store (I use the Traditional Medicinal tea brand which is both organic and affordable and we sell the Meditation Tonic by Moondeli at SKN Clinic). 

Boil water and fill a tea pot containing 1 tea bag of Spearmint Tea, 1 tea bag of Nettles Tea, 1 teabag of Green Tea,  then add 1-2 tsp of Meditation Tonic.  Let it seep for at least 10+ minutes (except the green tea, which should be removed after 5 minutes to avoid bitter tea).  Then, drink up!

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