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Want Super-Hydrated Skin? Our top five picks

Want Super-Hydrated Skin? Our top five picks

Clients often come to me frustrated that they have dry or dehydrated skin or even both! In case you were wondering, dry skin happens when the skin lacks oil, while dehydrated skin happens when the skin needs water. Next, my clients typically reports to me how much water they drink in a day. They expect these hydrating glasses of water to restore the skin to a moist and healthy state, but drinking water is only a small piece of the puzzle. Our skin is an organ that absorbs nutrients both topically and internally. The products we apply to our skin, and the form they are in are key building blocks in resolving dehydration and dryness, and maintaining healthy, well functioning skin. Over seven years ago, we founded the Forget Beauty skin care line, starting with our signature system—The Three Layers of Hydration—to resolve the dryness and dehydration epidemic.  

Layer One: Water-based Serum
The first product you’ll want to apply is a water-based serum to nourish the dermal layer—the deepest layer in the skin. This is where the plumping water, collagen, and elastin reside. Just like a garden, if you want to grow healthy skin, it needs water each day. Awakened Hydrating Serum is a nutrient-rich topical drink for your skin, delivering so much nourishing goodness to your dermal layer. Use it every day and watch your skin bloom!

Layer Two: Oil
Oil is not for everyone, but it's essential for dry skin. Oils replenish lipids in the skin and boost skin health. A well-formulated oil like our fan favourite, Nurtured Replenishing Oil, mimics your skin’s own lipid barrier and contains precious nutrients and antioxidants that are very healing for the skin. We highly recommended this oil for anyone dealing with pesky eczema.   

Layer Three: Moisturizer
Last but certainly not least, is the ever-important moisturizer. Moisturizer is a misunderstood skin care product. It does so much more than just hydrate the superficial layer of skin. It protects the skin from environmental stressors like wind, heat, and cold, making it a crucial step in any skin-care program. Plus, it prevents water loss. Losing even a minute amount of your skin’s water can cause it to become reactive and flaky. Find a well-formulated moisturizer that lives up to its important job of keeping your skin healthy, protected and cared for. We formulated our Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer with double water binders making it a must-have product in your routine. 

Bonus: Drink Up
Keeping skin healthy from the inside out is a crucial step in your journey to beautiful skin.

Step One: Hyaluronic Acid Supplement 
HA which holds 100 times its weight in water and helps to promote collagen. Fun fact: HA is also the main ingredient in our Awakened Hydrating Serum. 




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