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The Best Way to Avoid Sun-Damaged Skin

The Best Way to Avoid Sun-Damaged Skin

As incredible as the sun feels, most of us are familiar with the damage sun exposure can cause our skin. Along with cigarette smoke, and unhealthy food choices, UV rays are one of the top three ways you can speed up the degradation of your precious collagen to a point where it’s very difficult to rebuild. Prevention is always a more effective path than repair, so the most powerful thing you can do to show your skin some love, is to get on a sun-protection program right away.

Physical vs. Chemical Sunblock: What’s the Difference?

Sunblock is considered either chemical or physical, based on which ingredients it uses to protect your skin. A chemical sunblock allows UV rays to penetrate your skin, but its active ingredients create a chemical reaction that, in theory, do not allow the burning rays to cause damage. Part of the problem with chemical sunscreens is that even if they do protect your skin, many of the active ingredients themselves are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors. And remember anything that contributes to your toxic load, detracts from your overall heath and the beauty of your skin. Physical sunscreens use harmless minerals such as zinc or titanium dioxide that actually create a shield so the UV do not penetrate your skin. 

But won’t physical sunblock whiten my face?

Traditionally, physical sunblocks came out of the tube thick and white, leaving you with an unsightly, ghostly appearance. I’m pleased to report that that unhappy situation is a thing of the past—intelligent suncare has arrived!

If you’ve read our blog at all, you’ll know I’m a research junkie and, over a decade of sun care trial and error at my holistic skin clinic, I’ve tried everything. I’ve finally found my top pick Elta MD Physical 41 ( This effective, non-whitening product is life changing and we can’t keep it on the shelves.

What makes our top pick so amazing?

Elta MD Physical 41 just has it all. It goes on with a smooth, velvety, non-drying hand feel and a light, natural tint that subtly enhances the look of the skin. The look and feel is similar to a light primer. It’s oil free and never feels greasy. It is beloved by our clients of all skin types—including sensitive, rosacea- or-acne prone. Happily, it’s paraben and chemical free. It’s an amazing every-day sunblock but it’s also great for vacations because it’s water-resistant for 40 minutes. As with any sunblock, for it to be effective, you need to apply it every two hours. 

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