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Did you sun damage your skin this summer? Here's how to fix it

Did you sun damage your skin this summer? Here's how to fix it

Summer is a blissful and carefree season of picnics and beach days. However, this daily sun exposure, combined with sweat, ocean salt, wind, and pollution inevitably leaves our skin with damage that can start showing up in the fall—and in years down the road.

Unnerving fact: UVA and UVB radiation not only depletes our collagen, it actually alters skin cell DNA, resulting in uneven pigmentation, changes in texture, loss of elasticity and even cancer. The effects of UV exposure are cumulative, becoming increasingly visible as we age.

The extent of the damage depends both on how well we protected your skin during the summer season, and how effectively we address the damage post-summer. Incorporating a skin restoration plan in the fall can save your skin while reducing, and actually preventing the visible signs of sun damage from showing up. Read on for your best options for sending sun damage on its way.

BBL Forever Young Photo-Facial
BBL Photo-Facials are highly effective at eliminating sun-exposure pigmentation and redness in the skin. The BBL Photo-facial has been clinically proven, time and time again, to promote new collagen formation and to reverse the aging of skin cells. This treatment can correct years of sun damage using the power of light-based energy.

BBL Skin Tyte
BBL Skin Tyte uses infrared heat to stimulate and contract your existing collagen fibers, resulting in visibly firmer skin. This process initiates the body’s natural healing process and creates a new foundation of collagen, resulting in a firmer and more youthful skin. The full effect of skin firming can be seen over several subsequent months.

Chemical and Vitamin Peel Series
Chemical Peels are a dynamic and impressive method to rejuvenate the damaged top layers of skin. A customized peel will address such concerns as uneven pigmentation, irregular texture and fine lines while increasing overall radiance and vibrancy of your skin. The wide variety of peels can be overwhelming, but an experienced skin practitioner can assist you in customizing a plan to target your specific needs.  Our favourite peels are the MandeliClear Peel by Circadia and the Vitamin A Infusion Peel by Osmosis.

Daily Skin Restoration Program
The products you put on your skin every day can make or break the progress of your skin restoration plan, not to mention the rate at which your skin ages and inevitably, its appearance. There is no such thing as a magic serum, no matter what extravagant marketing campaigns might tell you. There are, however, results-driven and clinically proven ingredients available, such as retinaldehyde, l-ascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid, peptides, growth factors, phloretin and more. Formulation is key when it comes to these ingredients' ability to be effective.  Forget Beauty formulas are designed to restore, revive and awaken the skin on all levels.  

Remember, when it comes to sun damage, the best line of defense is prevention. If you didn’t take care of your skin as well as it took care of you this summer, the time to start your skin restoration plan is now. Get busy, and get ready to reap the benefits of healthier and more beautiful skin.

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