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5 Soulful Ways to Transform Your Kitchen into a Sacred Space

5 Soulful Ways to Transform Your Kitchen into a Sacred Space

by Amanda Beisel

Your kitchen is one of the most sacred spaces in your home. It’s the nerve centre for how you feed and nourish your precious body, and perhaps more than any other space, it’s the room that best reflects your level of self-care. You deserve nothing less than a soul-nourishing sanctuary. Use the tips below to get started.

#1 Raise the Vibration

Appliances like the blender, and food processor take up a lot of valuable kitchen real estate. Decide which appliances truly need to stay and donate the ones that aren’t pulling their weight. Consider releasing appliances that take up a lot of space but only do one job, such as bread makers.  Create space for crystals, plants, and herbs—these magical items raise the vibration of your kitchen, and therefore your food.

#2 Conscious Cooking

Rushing in the morning or cooking robotically at the end of the day disconnects us from our bodies and our deepest needs.  Treat your kitchen as the sacred space it is, and vow to be grounded and present in your body while preparing food. Not only will this increase the vibration of your food but it will encourage you to make healthier food choices. When we are present and connected to our bodies and the earth we tune into higher guidance and receive subtle messages about what our body truly needs to thrive.

#3 Clean With High-Vibe Essential Oils

Ditch the chemicals and create or purchase homemade cleaning products that disinfect using essential oils rather than toxic chemicals. Add several drops of oil to white vinegar mixed with water for a scented cleaning spray. Or scrub a grubby sink with baking soda and a few drops of your favourite oil. Experiment with lemon, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender oils.

#4 Express Gratitude

Always give thanks for your food. You can also form a connection to your food by setting an intention of what you want your food to provide for your body before each meal. These simple acts will help bring more consciousness to the foods you eat as well as make you a more responsible consumer.  Mother Earth provides an endless abundance of nourishment for our bodies but we should remember that this is not a one-way relationship—we need to give back to the earth and support her so this abundance continues to flourish and feed life.

#5 Smudge Your Kitchen 

At least once a week, energetically purify your kitchen with sage or palo santo. Before lighting your smudge, start by close your eyes and centring yourself with a few long, deep breaths. Imagine roots sprouting from the bottom of your feet and winding deep down into the soil, grounding and connecting you to the earth. Set an intention to clear away any negative, heavy energy. Create space to invite love, nourishment, and superhuman health into your kitchen, and into your self.

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