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Self-love Soak: A Bath Ritual to Open Your Heart

Self-love Soak: A Bath Ritual to Open Your Heart

Self Love Bath Ritual

by Mishel of White Willow Healing 

Rituals are potent reminders in our day-to-day lives that our well being is our number one priority. When we are fully taken care of, we can be of service to others. 

The Self Love Bath Ritual encourages us to bring the focus back to cultivating the self care and self love we want to inject into everyday life. Love is the highest vibrational state of being and with self love comes clarity and compassion. And we could all use a little more of those! 

Supplies Needed 

  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • Candles
  • Heart stones and crystals (Choose from: rose quartz, pink calcite, watermelon tourmaline, kunzite, rhodonite, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline)
  • Heart oils (Choose from or combine: rose, bergamot, jasmine, melissa, helichrysum and rosemary) 
  • Dried flowers and herbs (Combine as many as possible of: rose, calendula, red clover, violet leaf, lemon balm and lavender)
  • Himalayan sea salts, Dead Sea salts, or Epsom salts (optional)
  • Music you find healing (optional)
  • Glass of drinking water (use if you plan to use salts)

Directions to Awaken Self Love 
Choose a day for your ritual when you will have 20–30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Set a self-love intention.

Earlier in the day, bring a pot of water to a boil. Steep about two tablespoons of each of the herbs and flowers in the water. Allow to steep in for at least one hour. Strain out the herbs so you are left with floral water. For added potency, hold the herbs in your hands before steeping, and infuse them with your self-love intention.

Just before your ritual, turn off any devices to prevent electromagnetic disruptions to your ritual space. Cleanse your bathroom’s energy by lighting the sage or palo santo. Waft the smoke into all corners of the room while holding your self-love intention inside. You may even be called to state your intention aloud as you cleanse, purify, and bless the space for your sacred ritual.

Feel free to call in any entities, angels, or spirits who are here for your highest good that you feel connected to or that are connected to love such as Aphrodite, Freya, Hathor or Archangel Jophiel.

Next, cleanse your heart stones and crystals with the smoke, intending that all negative energy be released back to Mother Earth, who will turn it back into good energy for someone or something that needs it. 

Fill your tub with as warm of water you can handle. If it is a hot day, no worries! Just use the temperature that feels best for you. Add salts if you are inclined. Salts will really help to detox your body physically and energetically. Be sure to drink a glass of water for every 20 minutes soaking in any salts.

Add your floral water to the bath. If you don’t mind a mucky tub, add the dried bits as well to have an extra luxurious bath with flowers and herbs floating about.

Add your oils.

Light candles and place around the bathroom.

 Turn on your healing music, if desired.

 Step into the tub, holding your intention inside you and your crystals and stones to your heart. You may wish to speak your blessings aloud: “I am beautiful,” “I am love.”

Once in, take a couple of deep breaths from the belly and exhale making a loud “ahhhhhh” or “shhhhhh” sound. Let go of any tension or resistance. 

Holding you crystals to your heart center inhale love, and exhale negative beliefs or feelings about yourself. Do this a few times until you feel yourself softening and opening up to love and letting go of that which does not serve you. With your crystals still at your heart and breathing into your heart, think of someone or something that brings you peace, love and joy. Feel your heart expanding and opening fully. 

Speak aloud all of the qualities you love and appreciate about yourself—as many as you can muster!

Once you have pumped yourself up with goodness and love, slowly dunk your head under water to seal in the good work you have done. Once back above water, give yourself a little hug and tell yourself you love you. You deserve it!

You are now aligned to your self-love goal and your energy field and aura are super charged from the crystals and flower medicine. Enjoy the remainder of your bath, basking in all of the love energy you’ve cultivated and soak up the healing vibes of this transformational ritual.

Amanda highly recommends a Shamanic Reiki Session with Mishel of White Willow Healing.   A great way to practice self-love.  💜


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