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Love is All You Need Smudging Ritual

Love is All You Need Smudging Ritual

Smudging is a powerful technique that allows us to receive wise guidance from the most trustworthy source there is—our higher self. Smudging originated in the First Nations tradition, which honours and respects Mother Nature and the sacredness of all living things. I was introduced to smudging by my shamanic teachers and it transformed my life by giving me a practice that always works to release unwanted energies and re-connect me to who I truly am. 

Most traditional smudges are made of dried sage. I’ve added rose and lavender to infuse the blend with love and heart chakra medicine. You can find these dried herbs at almost any health or metaphysical store. I created a Smudging Prayer just for you. Use all of it, or just the parts that speak to you. I also encourage you to create your own prayer from the heart.  Start smudging away the negative energies in your life and let the love and peace to flow in!


Love Is All You Need Smudge Blend Recipe

For clearing and protection, transforming energy and bringing positive change

For love, positive energy, opening the heart chakra and calming the mind

For love, passion and transforming energy from negative to loving


LARGE FEATHER (optional)

The Smudging Ritual
Close your eyes. Center yourself with a few long deep breaths. 

Imagine roots sprouting from the bottom of your feet and winding deep down into the soil grounding and connecting you to the earth.

Create space in yourself for an intention to clear away any negative, heavy energy. Invite love and peace into the new space within.

Place a few pinches of the Love is All You Need Smudge Blend into the abalone shell or fireproof dish.  Light the smudge and then gently blow out the flame and allow the herbs to smolder and begin to smoke. Waft it towards you with your hands or a feather.  Let it bathe your body starting from your head and working down to your feet. As you smudge, visualize yourself being surrounded by gentle, pure, loving energy.  Inhale positive energy and exhale negative energy. Read part or all of The Smudging Prayer

To cleanse your space, allow the sacred smoke to travel into the room, fanning into corners of the room where stagnant, heavy energy is often trapped. 

The Smudging Prayer  
Sacred plants, may you purify this space cleansing away heavy energies that do not serve my highest good, creating space for love, peace and light to flow in. 

Sacred plants, may you cleanse and purify my mind, body and soul awakening me to my inner beauty, truth, and power.  

 Sacred plants, may you connect me to my deep womb wisdom home of my soul purpose, limitless creativity and potential.   May you guide me in bringing these gifts to life.

Sacred plants, may you cleanse my eyes so I can see that beauty is all around me when I choose to see it. 

Sacred plants, may you purify and open my heart so I can feel and deeply know that I am pure love.   

Sacred plants, may you connect me to the divine so that I can begin to remember piece by piece who I truly am.  

Sacred plants I express my heartfelt gratitude for the love, healing, and purification you provide.  

May your sacred smoke carry my prayers up to the high heavens to be received and answered.  


*Aho is a word of affirmation from the shamanic tradition. It represents and emphatic “Yes!” to spirit and should be said with conviction. 

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