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Jade Rollers: A Beautiful Tool That Banishes Puffiness and Boosts Circulation

Jade Rollers: A Beautiful Tool That Banishes Puffiness and Boosts Circulation

Spend any time with us here in the Forget Beauty universe and you’ll learn that we see skin care not as a routine, but as a beauty ritual rooted in self-love and appreciation. Every part of it should elevate the senses and the spirit. So obviously, for sheer gorgeousness alone, we’re all over the jade roller. With a head carved of deep green stone, a jade roller adds loveliness to any beauty altar.

Happily, jade rollers also offer fantastic functional benefits—that have been enjoyed in China since the 7th century. One of most touted benefits of jade-roller massage is the reduced puffiness and inflammation that the roller achieves by stimulating and flushing stagnant lymph in the face. This helps get toxins out of your face and into your blood stream where they can be eliminated. Jade rollers also increase circulation, which can help smooth out fine lines and banish under-eye circles. Chill your jade roller for a few minutes before use and it will also help tighten up your pores. Bonus: Apply your products before jade rolling and you’ll increase your products’ absorption rate, and therefore effectiveness.

How to use your jade roller

  • Start with clean skin and freshly applied product.
  • Roll under your eyes towards your hairline.
  • Move down towards your cheekbones, and then your jaw line.
  • Roll along your jawbone and then your forehead. You can press a little harder in these areas in order to relieve tension.
  • Finally, roll down the sides of your neck towards your collarbone.

The results of jade rolling accumulate over time, so incorporate rolling into your skin care routine, stay committed and you’ll be thrilled with the beautiful results over time.

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