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Are You Starving Your Skin? Why Moisturizer is not Enough

Are You Starving Your Skin? Why Moisturizer is not Enough

We’ve all done it: Applied moisturizer over and over without getting to the plump, hydrated skin we had in mind. Read on for a primer on how to get your moisturizer working for you.

Moisturizer 101
Pretty much everyone has heard of a moisturizer. The name says it all, put them on and they moisturize your skin, right? Turns out it’s not so simple. Moisturizers are awesome. A good one will hydrate the skin at the most superficial layer, protecting it from environmental aggressors, and preventing surface water loss.  They’re an essential part of holistic skincare routine but, they’re not the whole story.

Moisturizers Will Not Solve Dehydration 
Moisturizer works on the superficial layer of skin called the epidermis but doesn’t address the deeper dermal layer. The crucial dermal layer is often forgotten in the skin care industry but it’s potentially the most important.  This is the layer where collagen, elastin and water are located. Moisturizers and oils cannot reach the dermal layer. To maintain moist, hydrated skin, this layer needs lots of love—by way of a water-based serum containing hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.  

Dermal Layer Love
By applying a water-based serum right after cleansing, you allow it to sink into the dermal layer where it will bind to water, preventing and resolving dehydration, eliminating fine lines and keeping skin feeling healthy and plump. Your water-based serum must be applied before any other product to maximize absorption, supporting your moisturizer in doing what it does best at the surface level.

But What About Oils?
The conversation around oils has gotten increasingly confusing lately because so many companies are marketing oil blends as “serums.” At Forget Beauty, a serum is water based. This is a very important distinction because, like moisturizers, oils cannot support the precious dermal layer. However, a properly blended oil is masterful at restoring and healing the protective skin barrier. A quick check of the ingredients list should be able to tell you whether your serum is oil or water based. Most of us don’t need an oil every day; kicking it up a notch with an oil a few times a week is enough. And if your skin is oily or congested, just stick with a water-based serum and a moisturizer.

Order is Important: Your Cheat Sheet
To get the most out of your products, make sure to follow the protocol below. If you like, simplify your program with our Three Layers of Hydration kit.

1) Cleanse and tone

2) Apply water-based serum

3) Apply a nourishing oil if you use one

4) Apply moisturizer

5) Apply SPF if it’s daytime

6) Smile at your beautiful self

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