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9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Negative, Draining Energies

9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Negative, Draining Energies

Have you ever felt drained after a coffee date? 

You may have left a friend’s company, and felt tired or down. The person may not have been outwardly negative, but after being in their presence, you feel drained, off or in a bad mood. You could have just created this mood yourself, or you could have picked it up from the person you just spent time with. What many people aren’t aware of is that they’re constantly picking up energies from others and those energies are not always the kind we want to bring home with us. Eventually, if they’re not properly addressed, these unwanted energies cause dis-ease.


Everything is energy, even if you can’t see it, and just like a leech can attach to your leg in water—yuck—someone’s negative energy can attach to you, which is even nastier. As much as I’d like to completely avoid negative energy, it’s not always possible. In my work in hospitals, I’m often dealing with people with illnesses and mental health issues, and because of this I’ve had to learn to protect myself. Just this week, I connected with someone who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She was very emotional and needed someone to talk to, and at the end of our conversation, I gave her a hug. Almost immediately, I began to feel drained and off. I wasn’t feeling like myself and, silly me, I didn’t make the connection. That evening, exhausted and feeling like I was coming down with something, I went to bed early. I awoke at 2 am with extreme anxiety, which is highly unusual for me. I finally put two and two together, and realized that the energy I was feeling was not mine. I immediately got up and smudged myself with sage and felt better. It was a great reminder not to let my guard down. Read on for simple, yet powerful ways to protect yourself.

Wearing Crystals and Gemstones
There are many different crystals and gemstones that can be used for protection. I like black tourmaline, labradorite, and hematite. I don’t leave home without some protective crystal worn on the left side of my body. The best way to wear black tourmaline is in jewellery.

Originating in the aboriginal North American tradition, smudging is a powerful way to cleanse your energy. With an intention to removed negative energy from the body, cleanse the body with the smoke from the herbs. Sage is the most common herb used for this but sweetgrass and cedar are also great options.

Salt Bathing
Taking a bath in salt is very cleansing to your aura. You can use regular table salt or sea salt, adding essential oils as desired.

Using Affirmations
I do affirmations every morning and anytime I find myself in a tense situation. Try repeating the following three times: “I am surrounded by protection, no negative energies can touch me, and I repel all unwanted energies.”

Surrounding Yourself With a Shield
Several times a day, I like to imagine a shield of gold light around me, though other colours can be used as well. Visualize the colour coming up through the soles of your feet and traveling up your body.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation
Taking time every day to connect to your breath and get into the present moment creates a good strong energy field that is less vulnerable to negative energy. A morning meditation sends you into your day with a good, strong buffer of positive energy, while getting into the habit of meditating as soon as you come home, helps you shake off anything unwanted that you picked up over the course of the day. Yoga balances out the chakras and can move around stagnant energy.

Energy Healing
Energy healers can remove all the unwanted energy, cleanse and balance the chakras, and aura. If you find yourself dealing very strong energies, and the tactics listed here aren’t shifting them quite quickly, I recommend seeing an energy healer.

Go out in nature with bare feet, connect to the earth and visualize energy moving from your root chakra and feet into the ground.

 When I use at least one of these techniques each day, I feel more in control, especially where my emotions are concerned. Protecting yourself will help you to move through your day with more ease and energy. And in the long term, keeping your energies balanced will greatly improve your health and wellness.

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