Women Immersed in Love: Stefanie McAuley

Who are you? Not your age, not your name, but who are you really?

I'm a curious, adventurous, compassionate woman. I pour myself into everything I do—sometimes to a fault. I'm a lover: lover of my people, lover of life, lover of discovery, lover of learning.

Tell us about the ways that self-love shows up in your life.

My definition and expression of self-love have changed for me again and again as I've grown and my needs have evolved. Nowadays, it shows up in the moments. Walking down the street in a hurry, I'll find pause, take a deep breath, observe my surroundings: the clouds, the street, a puppy walking by. These moments where I find the present and really sit with myself are full of self-love as well as gratitude for my life and being.

Tell us about a time when you felt lost on your journey.

Throughout my life, I've always felt in charge of where I was, what I was doing, and where I was going. I made decisions easily, and jumped into them with a gusto. I was in control. But, when I tried to renew my visa while living in London, bureaucratic tape stood in my way; I lost my job, my belongings were still in the UK, and all of a sudden, I was derailed from my plan. What? That couldn't happen. I had plans, I had a great job with growth potential, I was traveling through Europe on long weekends, and I definitely wasn't living back in Vancouver at my parent's house all of a sudden. But I was.

How much did that scare you?

I was scared sh*tless. I always had a plan, and now I didn't.

What practices did you use to find your way back to the light? What finally worked?

At first, I spiraled. I was lost, aimless: a completely foreign feeling in my always-regimented and self-assured life. It took me a while to find my power, and it came through writing. It came through listening to myself through the words that appeared on my screen.

What is a non-negotiable daily ritual in your life?

I'd be lost without my bubble baths. Every night I run myself a hot bath, full of Himalayan salts. Sometimes I'll bring a book, but most of the time it's meditative for me.

What do you wish every woman knew?

You have everything you need. Everything you need is within you, but first, you must stop battling yourself to see and feel it.

Where can you find more about Stefanie?

Visit her online platform Broad World a digital space where she shares her latest inspirations, thoughts, and discoveries with you.

"This is what I love about our generation of broads: I know I’m not the only one with an insatiable curiosity that would rival Alice. We’re becoming increasingly fearless, educated and ready to jump in. We are accepting our flaws and drawing on our strengths. We no longer need to burn our bras, because who would be insane enough to burn vintage lace?"

~ Stefanie McAuley