Women Immersed In Love: Rebecca Leanna

Who are you? Not your age, not your name, but who are you really

I love creating, travel, being inspired, fun, humor, and adventure. I know that I am an eternal spirit in a body; here to learn, grow, have experiences and not take it all too seriously. 

Define self-love

Self-love is about honoring yourself in all areas of your life—emotional, spiritual, physical, mental. Self-love is doing what is right for you and not what others expect of you. Self-love is being connected to your intuition and following your inner guidance in all situations. This is not about being selfish; it is about being authentic and living in integrity!

Self-love is not dwelling on the past; it is forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Instead of beating yourself up and having regrets, it is learning from your mistakes and moving forward by being the best version of yourself in each moment. Another very important part of loving yourself is daily self-care, taking time to yourself with mediation, writing, being in nature, or whatever feeds your spirit. Taking great care of your body by exercising, doing yoga, eating healthy foods, and taking care of your skin by using natural skin products. What we put on and in our bodies is a reflection of our self-love.

Tell us about a time when you weren’t doing a good job of loving yourself

There was a time in my life when I was really depressed from life events and losing my dad. I was lost and out of balance. I wasn’t eating healthy or taking care of myself, and I was headed down a dark path. I was negative, and I found myself comparing myself to others who were doing things I wanted to do. I had an awakening and realized that I had the power to shift my life, that my outer circumstances were a result of my inner state, and from that point, I began to recreate my life the way I wanted it to be.

What daily rituals, big and small, did you use to bring yourself back to self-love?

I turned this around by shifting my attitude towards everything. I turned jealousy into being genuinely happy for others’ success—and by realizing that if they can do it, I can do it too. I focused on myself, my goals and being grateful for everything that I have. 

Self-love is a journey and is something I have been working on my entire life. I have found that there is always another layer to work on; we can always go deeper in our self-love. I have found that doing shadow work is very beneficial; we have to look at the darker aspects of ourselves, our triggers, and our judgments of ourselves and others. If we don’t love ourselves, we project that onto other people with judgments, and it really has nothing to do with them. Writing, meditation, affirmations, energy healing, ceremony, and crystals have all helped me deepen my self-love.

What do you wish every woman knew? 

We are 100% responsible for what is showing up in our lives. We create our reality by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. A great place to start in self-love is shifting negative thought patterns about yourself and others. I remember thinking to myself years ago, “I am only here for a short while, do I want to live my entire life not loving myself?” We all have a purpose to be here, and if we can do what we love, share our gifts with others, and bring our joy to everything we do, we will radiate authenticity and self-love to others. My wish for all women is to choose love over fear, keep your heart open and stay connected to what your heart wants; this will emanate a powerful vibration of love for yourself, others, the planet, and all things.

Rebecca Leanna

Rebecca is a Registered Nurse, student of Shamanism, HeartMath Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Advanced Pranic Healer and Crystal Healer.  Just when you thought that was enough she is also the founder of Shaman Sisters, a genuine and powerful gemstone jewelry line that not only adorns the body in aesthetic beauty but also raises your vibration, invites positivity into your life and empowers you. Rebecca sources all her semi-precious gemstones, sacred materials and unique treasures from around the world.  She always practices fair trade principals and supports the indigenous communities.

Rebecca and her small team handcraft each and every piece with love, positive intentions, and send them off with the highest vibration.