Using Crystals to Create a Life That Overflows With Love

by Jasmine Pahl

Let's start this with a disclaimer: You don’t need crystals to follow this process and successfully invite love into your life. There are lots of things that can give you a good focal point for intention: journaling, affirmations, or using other objects of power. I do think crystals are well suited to this process though because they are particularly good at reminding us of our own natural beauty. Sometimes when love feels elusive, it’s because we’ve lost sight of the many riches we have to offer. Also, crystals are stunningly pretty and so fun to work with. Let’s get started!

There are three steps to inviting love into your life: clearing, recognizing, and allowing. They are simple steps but they can also bring up a lot of some of the toughest, most rewarding personal work you will ever do.

Clearing | Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is crackerjack at helping us clear away old patterns and belief systems, which is exactly what we need to do make room for the fresh and frisky energy of new love. Ask smoky quartz to help you recognize areas of your life that are keeping you stuck in old patterns. Do you say you want to meet someone new but find yourself trolling your ex’s social feeds? Do you need to finally address a health issue, such as depression, before you're ready for love? Does your home feel like there is space for another person? Maybe you need to clear out space in a drawer or make the nightstand you don’t use a little more inviting. Be particularly watchful for spoken or unspoken agreements that may be keeping you stuck. Did you jokingly agree to marry someone if you both reached a certain age without finding someone? Do you think of a long-lost partner as “the love of your life?” Take steps to formally break the agreement with that person, either out loud or in writing. You’ll know whether it’s important that they know about it, or if it’s a change you just need to make within yourself. Keep smoky quartz with you during this time and keep asking it if there’s anything else you need to see. Don’t rush this process. It can take weeks or months.

Recognizing | Clear Quartz

During this part of the process, you’ll be working with a love-growing affirmation, and a clear quartz crystal to help you see the results of your intention clearly.

As many times a day as you can manage, hold your clear quartz crystal, and repeat out loud or silently, “ Love is constantly expanding in my life.” Write out the phrase and change passwords to things like “Loveexpanding2” or “Heartsexpanding1111.” Ask your clear quartz to show you all the places that love exists in your life. Make a point of saying yes to invitations from friends, plan a visit with your mom, call people you love who live far away. Make note of all the flavours and textures of the different kinds of love that already abound in your life—at work, where you live and on your social feeds. Many people already love you and your appreciation of this fact will help kick start the rapid and accelerated growth of love until your life overflows with heart-centred joy. Remember: Gratitude grows things.

Allowing | Rose Quartz

At this point, you’ll probably have started to notice how full of love you are, and will be feeling a little bit in love with yourself. Really marinate in these good (and justified!) feelings about yourself and be grateful that you get to be in this life as such a wonderful person. Hold your rose quartz and ask it to help you share your beauty with the world in a way that feels, simple, gentle and easy. Continue to develop the “saying yes” habit you learned with smoky quartz. When an idea to join an unexpected outing, try a new activity or join a dating site crosses your mind, do it! You’ll know it’s the right thing if it’s fun. If it’s not fun, skip it. Know that you’ve cleared the way, you’ve created the magic and all that is left to do is enjoy your magical self. Soon, rest assured, another beautiful soul will come to bask in the love you are already living. Just let it happen. Blessed be.

Further reading: There are many books and resources available on the topic of manifesting love if you'd like to take a deeper dive into the topic. One favourite is Calling in the One by Kathleen Woodward Thomas. It's an older book and, while some of the authors perspectives on certain things feel dated, it details a powerful and systematic process for making space for the right life partner. The other is The Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford. Either of these wise and loving books make an excellent companion to anyone who is truly serious about finding love.