Awaken Your Collagen With Our High Vibe Green Tonic

Drink your way to radiant skin and a nourished soul with flowers, crystals, collagen and the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

This is one of my favourite tonics. It feeds beauty at the soul level, awakening every cell in the body while boosting collagen along the way. Heighten the Soul Vibrating benefits by turning its preparation into a ritual that honors your inner quiet, connection and beauty.


Blue Green Protein by Moondeli
Blue Green Protein combines spirulina—the most nutrient dense food on the planet—with antioxidant rich tocotrienols, and Himalyan pink salt. Spirulina is 65% amino acids making it a must have in any collagen-promoting program. Tocotrienols are also a need-to-know superfood. Derived from rice bran, and rich in anti-oxidant superstar vitamin E, tocotrienols help to keep skin looking plump and vital, mop up toxins, and increase energy all while adding a creamy, vanilla ice cream flavour to your tonic.

withinUs TruMarine Collagen
Ultra-pure withinUs TruMarine Collagen is a natural high-grade collagen peptide.  It has a high concentration of  the amino acids, which have scientifically proven benefits to help with the collagen formation. Regular use is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin hydration and suppleness, reduce joint pain, strengthen hair and nails, and help maintain healthy bones.

Lotus Wei Flower and Gem Essences
Lotus Wei Elixirs are powerful and beautiful blends of  flower essences and gemstones. The vibrations of these natural treasures act as a tuning fork, bringing your body back in alignment with your own subtle electrical vibration. The essences work kind of like  acupuncture — they promote the flow of qi that allows us to find our own harmonized state. There are five Lotus Wei Flower and Gem Elixirs to choose from: Inner Peace, Infinite Love, Joy Juice, Radiant Energy, and Inspired Action.

The Magical Recipe
1 tsp Blue Green Protein by Moondeli
1package withinUs TruMarine Collagen
½ cup–1cup almond or coconut milk, warmed
5–10 drops of your choice of a Lotus Wei Elixir

There are many ways to mix the tonic. You can whirl all the ingredients in a blender, or simply mix it up in a coffee cup. My preferred method is a ritual using a beautiful ceramic matcha bowl and a whisk:

Let a couple of deep slow breaths lead you into the present moment. Turn off your devices and remain present while you prepare and drink your tonic.

Add the warm milk to the matcha bowl, followed by the Blue Green Protein. Whisk briskly. Add the TruMarine Collagen and then the Lotus Wei Elixir. Whisk again and pour into a beautiful cup.

Say aloud, or silently, "May this tonic nourish my soul, feed my skin, and nurture my body."

Thank Mother Nature for all she provides and promise you will always give back in whatever capacity you can.

Sit in silence and experience your own beauty, while your tonic works its magic.