Illuminate Your Day with a Soul Nourishing Tonic

Consciously cultivate each day with a spirit enlivening, soul nourishing tonic.  Upon awakening and with an open heart create your tonic of choice.   Find a space of quiet where you will not be interrupted.  Sip on your magical, cell awakening tonic while setting an intention for the day ahead.  Our most beloved tonic ingredient is raw, organic cacao - a very powerful heart opener.  

Sitting in a silent and sacred space each day is where you will hear the whispers of your higher self. Your higher self is the part of you that wants you to heal, grow, expand, to be powerful, loving and compassionate. It is how your soul speaks to you and reminds you that you are the creator of all aspects of your life, and to take ownership for all thoughts, emotions and feelings.   

We invite you to try our Golden Heart Tonic or create your own.