Stockist Spotlight: Sarah Rasmussen

Meet Sarah Rasmussen Founder of Posh Laser Hair Removal 

Who are you? Not your age, not your name, but who are you really?

Loyal, sensitive and a person who loves organization and order, I love to help people anyway I can. My love is for my children, husband and fur babies.

Why did you choose to become a skin therapist?  Has this reason changed and evolved over the years?

I am not sure I can say I am a “skin specialist”. I really started started looking into what I was putting on my skin five years ago when we moved back to Alberta. I lived in the Fraser Valley for 10 years and moved back to my home town in Alberta to be closer to home and pursue a new career.  I had really good skin when I lived in the Fraser Valley never dry, always dewy.  Moving back to Alberta in the spring of 2013 I struggled with my skin. Dry, flaky, Redness and just dull looking for the next few years. I looked to anything and everything that claimed “to be a miracle”.  I was even a consultant with Rodan and Fields, with that not working for me I turned to one of my mentors to ask her what she thought would help and she pointed me into the direction of Forget Beauty.  That was it for me.  My skin has never been better from then on I was no longer a consultant for Rodan and Fields and have been in a love affair with Forget Beauty ever since!

Tell us about your business - what is the vision that led to the creation of Posh Laser Clinic

My shop has started out with Laser Hair Removal. Growing up I struggled with excessive hair and it was a major self-esteem issue for me. I couldn’t wax as I just got ingrown hairs, even with exfoliating.  So I started receiving Laser hair removal treatments in the Fraser Valley and it was a real game changer for me.  As strange as it sounds, it really did change my life. So moving back to Alberta I was eager to find a new laser hair removal provider.  I did find one but unfortunately they went out of business.   I was not sure what to do as I was addicted to it! I was already looking for a career change, previously working in the Emergency Room as a Nursing Unit Clerk for 8 years, I decided to open my own laser hair removal shop.  I went to school in Denver Colorado to become a certified laser technician and I then opened my own shop Posh Laser Hair Removal Inc. in July 2015.  It has been the hardest but most rewarding thing I have done.

If you could share one piece of skincare advice with the world what would it be?

HydraFacial! HydraFacial has kept my skin super hydrated! Along with my Forget Beauty products I feel like I have more youthful skin and it has never been better. 

What is the biggest skincare mistake you see happening?

Sleeping in your make up. Not washing your face regularly. 

Why did you choose Forget Beauty Skincare to be a part of your clinic?

Simply because I think it is the best out there. The Forget Beauty products compliment each other so well and they are at a great price point - and made in Canada! Who doesn’t love Canadian made!

What is your favourite Forget Beauty Product? Why?

The Nurtured Replenishing Oil!!  I love the extra moisture I get from it and the dewy glow you have after applying is a bonus!

What daily self love rituals do you practice each day?

I love Pilates I go to a great studio here in Lethbridge with authentic Pilates reformers. It's MY time to shut out all the noises of the day and give myself an hour to focus on me.