Stockist Spotlight: Michelle Fournier

Meet Michelle Fournier Founder of Coastal Esthetics

Who are you? Not your age, not your name, but who are you really?

I am someone who is open to big changes in life, and willing to test boundaries that surround my comfort zone. Curious to see how these changes make me feel, while exploring what makes my heart happiest. This is a stark contrast to how I was most of my life. ;)  However, I have always enjoyed making someone feel cared for, and I have always had a soft spot for the underdog.  

Why did you choose to become a skin therapist?  What  changes have you seen happen in the industry ?

I originally choose to be a skin therapist because I liked the idea of pampering people, and helping them feel/look their best. The changes I've seen in the industry are, a lot more result focused skin care treatments vs. 'spa' facials. Clients are still looking the feel relaxed after a treatment, but I feel they are also equally interested in encouraging positive change in their skin. Clients are also more aware of how a poor diet and high stress can be detrimental to the condition of their skin. 

Tell us what led to the creation of Coastal Esthetics? 

Coastal Esthetics was started out of need. Having moved to a very small community (Haida Gwaii), with no spas or skin care clinics, I had to create a job for myself. 

What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

My favourite treatment to perform is a facial. I feel it's the perfect balance between relaxation for the client, and attention to their skin that provides benefits to the overall appearance. 

If you could share one piece of skincare advice with the world what would it be?

Proper exfoliation with enzymes and/or acids would be the once piece of skincare advice I would give. When done regularly, and with care, it helps to maintain smooth, healthy and bright skin. 

Why did you choose Forget Beauty Skin Care to be a part of your skin clinic?

I choose Forget Beauty Skin Care because it provides results! It's a clean (no junky fillers), results focused skincare line that helps to achieve healthy glowing skin. I personally love the product, and have been using it for years. Although I was quite satisfied with my skin before I started using the product, I felt it 'fine tuned' everything and had my skin glowing in no time. It's also cruelty free!   

What is your favourite Forget Beauty Product/Products?

My absolute, can't live without, Forget Beauty product is the Awakened Hydrating Serum. It quenches my skin and keeps it plumped up and happy. 

What are you go to skin glowing foods?

My go to foods to help maintain glowing skin are avocados and berries. Avocados provide the healthy fats to help maintain supple skin, and berries are a great source of antioxidants to help with repair of the skin. Fight those signs of aging! ;) 

What daily self love rituals do you practice each day?

My daily self love ritual is I pray every morning. Giving thanks and asking for guidance. I will also smudge away negative energy whenever I feel it's needed. Taking that little bit of time for myself is important in my self care. 

As a skin therapist you meet clients who are in a very vulnerable state and often struggling with skin issues that can leave them feeling emotionally and mentally distraught.  What words of encouragement and advice would you share with people going through this struggle?

The words of encouragement I would provide would be, there's always a solution. There's often trial and error when trying to help with balancing a clients skin. But, as long as they are willing to give something a try and are willing to put in the effort, the 'stage' should pass. Focusing on the improvements, even if they're small, will also be helpful in encouraging new healthy habits .