Soul Soak: Cleansing Your Auric Field

Escape the prison of your ego and deeply purify your mind, body and soul with The Soul Soak Ritual.  Together, the cleansing power of water, breath, sage, selenite, and other gifts of Mother Earth, will transport you deep within where you can hear your wise inner guidance.  

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A candle
  • Sage  
  • Selenite Wand 
  • Essential Oil Mist 
  • Epsom Salts

Here’s what to do:

  1.  Light a candle to begin creating a sacred space in your bathroom.
  2. Light your sage wand and begin wafting the smoke throughout the room and all over your body.  Smudge away the heavy negative energies that do not belong in your life and invite in love, peace, and calm.  Feel free to use our smudging prayer.  
  3. Once you have completed the smudging, draw a warm bath adding the Float bath soak or epsom salts and your favourite essential oils. 
  4. Bring any other crystals that are important to you into your ritual and set them around the bathtub. Make sure you don't get your selenite wand wet though, as it can dissolve in moisture.
  5. Slip into your warm bath and close your eyes and go inward placing your hands on your womb space (lower abdomen) and ask to connect to your inner guidance, your higher self. Here you will find your truth, and the answers to any questions you may have along with a feeling of deep inner peace. If you have no questions you can simply sit in silence with an open heart to receive any messages your inner guide may have for you. 
  6. When you are finished your bath dry off completely and take your selenite wand to do a final body purification.  Remember, do not get you selenite wand wet.
  7. Go into a quiet room and sit in mediation post. Mist your auric field and heart centre with the Day Dreamer mist.  Do one minute of Breath of Fire and then sit in silence for five minutes.  

Your ritual is now complete. This is a great time to journal or just enjoy the peace you created.