Palo Santo: Elevate Your Entire Being

Discover how a tiny piece of wood can elevate your whole being.
First-time palo santo encounters evoke two questions: “What is that smell?” and “How can I get it into my life?” When burned, palo santo’s unforgettable woodsy-sweet aroma conjures up bohemian poetry and ancient magic. Quite simply, it smells—and is—powerfully sacred. 

The wood is also showing promise as a physical healer with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.  

Palo santo is native to South America, where it’s known as “holy wood” and has been used for centuries. Only fallen twigs and branches are collected and these are highly regulated to ensure no trees are harmed.

Spiritual Benefits
Palo santo clears negative energy and transforms any space into a peaceful and purified sanctuary. It creates clarity before a ritual and can deepen your meditation experience. 

Emotional Benefits
Palo santo smoke and oil can reduce stress and anxiety, lifting mood and supporting an overall sense of well being. 

Physical Benefits
Recent studies have found that palo santo oil contains cancer-fighting compounds that lower oxidative stress and protect cells. Plao santo’s highly protective phytochemicals  can protect cells and prevent tumor growth in the digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

How to light your Palo Santo
To light your palo santo stick, hold it on a flame at a 45-degree angle for 30 seconds to a minute, until the end of the stick glows red. Use a feather or your hands to bathe your space, your crystals, your tarot cards, and especially you!  When you’re finished, set the stick on a fire-resistant surface where it will go out naturally. Breathe deeply and allow the aroma of the newly cleansed space to shift your mind to a relaxed, clear consciousness.

 A stick of palo santo just may be the best $2 you ever spend!