Your Daily Purification Ritual

Show yourself some love with a beautiful practice designed to clear your energy and restore your natural vibration. 
We take in a lot over the course of a day. What we see and hear, and whom we interact with all leave an energetic imprint on us. Those energies can be wonderful sources of inspiration but at the end of the day, it’s important to clear it all off and restore our default setting to our own sweet vibrations.

For this ritual, you’ll be turning your bathroom into a sacred space. We made it easy by assembling all the items in our Light Rainbow Daily Purification Kit, which contains the following.

Daily Purification Ritual
Light your sage and begin wafting the smoke throughout the room and all over your body.  Smudge away any heavy or negative energies that do not belong in your life and invite in love, peace, and calm. You many want to use our smudging prayer.  

Once you have completed your smudging, draw a warm bath adding the Soothe bath soak, the lepidolite heart gemstone, and any other stones or crystals that are important to you directly into the bath. 

Slip into your warm bath and close your eyes. Go inward, allowing yourself to connect to the divinity within us all. Here you will find peace, guidance, and truth.  Sit in silence or silently chant the mantra "I am love.”

After your purification bath, dry yourself off lovingly, and prepare yourself a cup of tea or one of our superfood tonic recipes and sit in the quiet, sacred space you’ve created. Light a palo santo stick and allow the smoke to flow all around your body. Sit with your eyes closed in meditation for at least 10 minutes.   

I highly suggest journaling at this time.  We are much more receptive to our inner guidance following ritual and journaling can help capture these valuable insights.  I like to finish by pulling a Fountain Tarot Card; I simply ask is there anything my angels and guides would like me to know at this time. Then, enjoy the rest of your evening, knowing you are bringing your clearest energy into the following day.