New Moon Magic to Manifest Burning Desires

Every month on the new moon we’re gifted with a fresh, exciting chance to start over. On a waning moon we release energy, on a waxing moon we create. The new moon rests at the threshold of the waxing moon, so it’s when we plant seeds for manifestation. Long-term goals may take several lunar cycles and it's a good idea to use this precious time to re-focus energy and commitment.

What do you want to bring into your life? If your wishes feel muddy, get yourself a chunk of clear quartz to help clarify your intentions and sit out manifesting for this month. Sometimes your spirit needs to rest and compost, rather than moving mindlessly towards the next thing. There is powerful magic in non-action; it prepares us to spring like a panther when the time is right.

So, let’s assume you have a clear and burning desire—it's go time! You’ll need to assemble a few tools.


  • Sage
  • One yellow candle (beeswax is yellow, right?)
  • White flowers (look for buds that aren’t quite open yet)
  • Scissors 
  • Vase or glass filled with water
  • Crystal or gemstone (Consider pyrite for worldly wealth, green jade to attract romantic love, and rose quartz for healing. You'll know which stone is right.)
  • Journal 
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen

On the new moon, find a space where you won’t be interrupted for at least an hour. You’ll need a flat space, preferably an altar, to set your tools on.

Light your sage and waft the smoke over your body, allowing it to carry any junky energy away. Trust yourself to know which areas need a little extra smoke.

Welcome in your spirit guides. Ask for their help and support. It can feel awkward to do it without a script but trust me, your spirit guides will think you’re adorable.

Write for three whole pages in your journal. Write what it is you want, why you want it, and how you will feel when it arrives. You must clarify your intention into a short and potent statement.

When you're complete, you'll have a statement that begins with “I am” and vibrates with power. If you don’t feel a charge when you read your statement, continue journaling until you arrive. You’ll get there. Your statement can be very specific, or it can simply be the feeling that represents what you want. Some examples include “I am vice-president of finance,” I am towering strength,” or “I am in love.”

Light the candle. Say, something like, “I offer this candle to my initiative.”

Trim the flowers, place them in the vase and offer them.

Write your potent statement on a piece of paper.

Hold your crystal in your dominant hand and repeat your potent statement aloud 30 times (say it 10 times, counting on your fingers, and then start over.)

Sit in stillness, absorbing the power you’ve generated. Don’t rush this. When you’re complete, thank your guides for their help and for their love (they really are crazy about you) and blow out the candle. Re-light it every night until it is finished.

Place the written statement somewhere you will see it every day. Bonus points: photograph it and make it the lock screen on your phone. The more you repeat your statement, especially while looking at yourself in the mirror, the more powerful it will be. Carry the crystal close to you and touch it often.

Witness the flowers opening and completing their life cycle. Compost them when they whither. Know that it is just as natural for you to flower into your highest good.

After the full moon which will be 2 weeks later, release your manifestation by composting or burning your intention, and washing your crystal in saltwater or moonlight. Assess your progress. Was what you asked for truly your heart’s desire? Did you commit to your intention? Take the wisdom you gathered and move skillfully into the next cycle. New moon blessings, dear one. You’re surrounded in light I can feel from here.