Tarot Forecast for February 2018

By Erin Lawson  - The Elemental Intuitive 

Hello all you gorgeous people! I’ve pulled an 11 card spread to forecast the energy for February 2018, so here goes!

The General Energy Around Us This Month

The first card, the general energy around us, is the Hanged Man. For many of us this has been our experience lately; merrily going along and BAM, the rug is pulled out from beneath us. There we go, tumbling through space and time, flailing wildly, trying to get our feet back into the Normal setting. Guess what my lovelies... there is no more normal, it seems that setting has been deleted. What we are currently going through is a massive, global shift. My specialty isn’t politics or economics or business, it’s Spirit and Spirit has shown me time and again that we are in a time of releasing any old baggage, any old pattern that no longer works....enter the Hanged Man. The message of this card is to just trust and have faith while you hang upside down but use this new perspective to see what you can shift, to see what is now important.

How We're Meant To Move Forward 

Our next card in the position of how we’re meant to move forward, is the Magician. WOOHOO!!! It’s show time!! This card lets us know that we all have at our disposal, wonderful tools and gifts, Now is the time to use them. Now is the time to use your focus and a good dollop of bravery and make some magic. Maybe you’ll finally be able to speak up, to set some new ideas in motion or just be able to feel more confident but for goodness sake, don’t just sit there...DO SOMETHING!

The Root of The Reading 

At the root of this reading for February is the Two of Cups, very fitting for a month whose focus is on Love. This card is often called the partnership card and puts the onus on finding balance within our emotions. I like to call this the programming card, it’s where we tell Spirit what we want...how do you want your relationship to be? If you’re not partnered then what kind of a relationship do you actually want. In this energy is where we re-set our own value and desires. It’s easier to attract what you want when you actually know what that is. On a bigger scale I feel like this card asks us to tune in to our own intuition and maybe get balanced, try to find quiet within your own soul.

The Energy We're Leaving Behind

The card representing the energy we’re leaving behind is the Wheel of Fortune and this fits with the shift into the New Year and new energy but the Wheel also highlights things coming out into the light and big revelations... “Me Too” and “About Time” are two big movements that symbolize this energy. Fate is moving things along in the World.

The Immediate Future 

The card that represents the immediate future is the Sun,oh glorious light and warmth! Feb. 1 is Imbolc or St Brigid’s day and celebrates the coming Spring so it’s perfect that the Sun card shines down on us at the beginning of the month. This card is all about feeling good in your own skin, about vibrancy and passion so I recommend spending time doing whatever brings these feelings to you!

What's On Our Collective Minds

The card in the position representing what’s on our collective minds is the Emperor and no surprise there. This guy is all about control and boundaries and feeling like we too might want to build a wall around us.It’s hard not to react in this current stress laden, media frenzied, scare tactic environment and the Emperor just really proves that most of us are feeling somewhat under attack. It’s so important to try not to buy into all the fear and anxiety and to just focus, just for now, on grounding and looking to improving your own life.

The Inner Dialogue

The card that comes up in the inner dialogue spot ( what a lot of us are saying to ourselves), is the Knight of Swords. Now, I often call this one “madly off in all directions” and indicates the need to slow down but it also comes up when it’s time for some psychic closet cleaning. Time to get rid of stuff that’s clogging your house, ideas or patterns that hold you back or even people who bring you down. Now is a great time to look at that.

Stop Looking Behind You

The Six of Cups comes up in the position of who or what’s around us and this comes as a reminder to stop letting the past trip us up. This card is often called the nostalgia card and we can all waste time lamenting what was and how life used to be but I’ll tell you, it just robs us of the opportunities right here in the present. Stop looking behind you.

Hopes and Fears 

The Temperance card pops up in the hopes and fears position of this reading. We all hope that we can find balance, that we can actually start living in a truly temperate society where peace, love, beauty and intelligence are valued far far above money and power and greed don’t we? And most of us have that secret fear that it may never happen, but I like to put my energy into faith and hope, they’ll have your back every time.

The Outcome Card For February

The Strength card is the outcome of this reading for February, offering much needed energetic cheerleading and some good old fashioned strong, angelic shoulders to lend support as we move into March. This card says “You can do it! Just power through!”.

One Step at a Time Baby 

The final card is the action card and here, the Knight of Pentacles steps slowly but surely into the picture. He suggests going one step at a time, stop every once in awhile and look around, check out your surroundings and breathe, often and deeply. This Knight works with Nature and truly just allows. He also is a great energy to align with if you’re trying to get your health back on track.

All in all beautiful souls, never forget that you are all children of the Divine, you came here to SHINE so fill your heart with love and light and go bravely into the World!