Manifest The Year Ahead: Write Yourself A Letter on New Years Eve

by Amanda Beisel 

As we say goodbye to another year, it is a powerful time to sit and reflect upon 2017 in a state of gratitude for all the lessons, challenges, gifts and growth we have experienced. Now a new year is about to begin allowing us the opportunity to create new intentions.  A great way to invite in 2018 is to write yourself a detailed letter on what you want the year ahead to provide.  Write the letter as though the year has completed and you achieved all your intentions and wishes. Then read the letter at the end of the next year and sit in awe of what has manifested in your life. Getting really clear about what you want, and focusing your energy on those intentions all year will allow them to manifest in your life.  You are the sole creator of your life.   

To begin your letter simply write, Dear 2018, and begin

Personally I like to create categories in my letter for the following areas; relationships, family, body wellness, soul care, self love, soul growth and ascension, financial wealth, skin health,  and travel.  

So be sure to keep your letter in a special place so you can pull it out a year later to read just before you write your new one.