High-Vibe Flower Power: Lotus Wei Essences

Flowers may be beautiful and delicate, but never underestimate their power. It’s a power that Lotus Wei founder Katie Hess has been following for nearly 20 years. She’s traveled the globe, studying with Buddhist masters and gathering flowers in a nearly endless variety of natural habitats—from Arctic lupine from Whistler, BC, to orchids from Hong Kong. Hess uses the blooms, along with carefully selected gemstones to create Lotus Wei Flower Essences. We adore the gorgeous aura mists for spraying as a final gesture of self love after our skin care routine, and drop the slightly sweet elixirs in superfood smoothies and ritual tea tonics. The essences have subtle magic that, over time, works like acupuncture to bring your soul and body back into harmony. We particularly love working with Inner Peace Elixir when the fast pace of life combined with too much responsibility has left us feeling nervous and depleted. Use the ritual below to remind yourself at a soul-deep level that it really is all going to be OK.

Inner Peace Tea Ritual



  • Brew the tea. Pour it into a cup you love.
  • Take some slow deep breaths. Focus on the exhale, allowing your out breath to be a bit longer than normal. Think of breathing out all the stress you have access to. Do this for five to seven minutes—long enough for your tea to cool.
  • Say aloud or silently, “Spirit guides, hold my burden for me. Show me that all is well. Remind me that I am safe. Show me how to release what is not mine to carry.”
  • Place five drops of Inner Peace Elixir under your tongue. Let the sweetness touch your senses. Feel well-being entering every cell.
  • Put five drops of Inner Peace Elixir in your tea. Sip it slowly. Make drinking the tea your only action—no multi-tasking.
  • When you’re finished your tea, take a few more exhale-focused breaths. Notice any feelings of calm and peace. It may be just a tiny island of tranquility in a sea of stress just now but give it your attention all the same.
  • Aloud or silently say “All is well, “ and return to your day.