Tarot Forecast for June 2018

By Erin Lawson  - The Elemental Intuitive

Hello and blessings to all your gorgeous ones out there this June. There is an overall energy of sunshine happening out there, of breakthroughs and new possibilities so let’s look deeper into each sign.


The Queen of Swords is your challenge this month which brings up issues around communication and clarity. There will be a need to be very mindful of what you’re saying and how as the energy around you could be very fractious and sometimes for fiery Aries, it’s hard to damper down the flames! This Queen though can really help one to speak one’s  truth, to use intellect and the power of language to shift conflict situations. The trick is going to be remaining calm then responding to the issue, try not to be reactive. 

The Ace of Pentacles is your opportunity card for June and WOW, what an opportunity!! This Ace brings new into your physical world so maybe a great job, a new way to make more money, a pregnancy or even just walking a new path to creating better health but however this comes into your life, it’s a positive! 

The Four of Wands is the outcome so as you head towards the end of June, into the Summer there will be an overall feeling of groundedness and security. This four is also about creating sacred space in your life so as you go along this month, think about where you’re feeling things are a little dull and dusty; whether it’s wanting to do a reno on your house or jazz up a corner of the yard to sit and ponder the mysteries of the world, just see what you’re pulled to invest energy in and try to make that happen! 


The Ten of Swords is the challenge for June and well, it’s quite a challenge dear Taurus one’s. This card deals with grief, pain and the past holding us back so you’ve got a bit of work processing this but OH how it will pay off if you can. The big reminder here is to not get stuck in that victim mentality and to not let the past define you. Sometimes too, this card is a reminder to take a little “me time”, treat yourself kindly and give yourself that space you need if you do have grief lurking around inside you.

The Queen of Wands is your opportunity card this month and she is a most wonderful guest after that Ten of Swords; she amps up warmth, creativity and energy so draw on those elements to enhance your life. As most  earthy Taureans love home and comfort, this Queen is a grand ally! There is also a message within this card to practice that fine art of self love, build up your confidence and don’t be afraid to go on out there and shine!!

The Page of Cups is the outcome for June, bringing a gentle energy and a focus on moving in the direction of your dreams. This card asks us to listen to your heart and also increases your intuitive gifts so it’s time to start listening! If you’re able to follow through with the bigger energy of the Queen of Wands you could be seeing some big accomplishments in career or creative pursuits by the end of the month. You go Taurus!


The Tower is the challenge for June, birth month for many Gemini’s and this card can definitely be a bit tricky to navigate. The Tower is the breakdown of whatever isn’t working in your life, it’s often fast and cataclysmic but it’s change and that can be oh so liberating! The best way to deal with the Tower is to learn to go with whatever changes are presenting themselves to you and to also be aware of where things are blocked. Do some work on clearing out old patterns, negative people and situations and move cleanly into June, free but do be careful of the “Burn it to the ground” energy that has you wound up, overreacting and burning bridges...stay calm and carry on is the theme.

The Knight of Pentacles is your opportunity this month and thank goodness for his lovely, grounded energy to help transit the intensity of the Tower! Airy Gemini’s are easily wound up by whatever energy they’re exposed to.  By staying calm and adopting a “one step at a time” attitude, you’ll see some real positive changes. Finances can start to feel stronger at this time along with a movement to better health and fitness. Just remember to slow down and prioritize what’s really important right now. 

The Eight of Pentacles is the possible outcome for June, a beautiful strong finish to the month. This eight shows your hard work paying off, you’ll be feeling more confident and appreciative of what you’ve built in your lives. This card also brings possible apprenticeship offers or movements in career that have you celebrating! Good job!!!


The Five of Wands is the challenge for June and for watery Cancer people who tend to be sensitive and intuitive this card is a reminder to check what you are allowing to trigger you. Fives all tend to be conflict energies, this one being about energy so it’s going to be important to watch your reactions to things and to try not to get too inflamed. The Five of Wands is a clear message to also see where in your belief system are you causing yourself pain? Where are YOU holding you back? Take a look, take five deep breaths and practice walking away from conflict.

The Wheel of Fortune is your opportunity this month and holy cow, anything is possible when you believe!! This is the card of Fate, Destiny and Good luck so now is a grand time to make changes that you’ve been wanting to, take that leap of faith or buy that lottery ticket… good things are on their way to you! It’s also a time to really shine, take that step out there into the spotlight and be seen for your talents and gifts… it’ll bring such magic!

The Lovers card is your possible outcome for June and as you head into the end of the month into Summer you’ll be faced with making some choices, most likely about how to stay on track and stay firm in some of the new coping strategies you’ve possibly put into place over this month. The biggest message coming through for you is to set firm boundaries, see where things are overwhelming you and do your best to clear those energies out. The outcome will be to head into Summer, refreshed and recharged and ready to shine...congratulations!!



The Ten of Cups is the challenge card for all us Leo’s for June; this Ten is usually a very happy, gratitude filled, celebratory card so as a challenge for the month it’s going to be try our best to stay in gratitude when sometimes it feels like there’s not a lot to be grateful for.  Sometimes it’s really easy to idealize how we want our lives to look, we fire laden  Leo’s are all about the Shiny and the Grand, so when life doesn’t meet our expectations it can be a blow that knocks the wind out of our sails. Don’t let life wear you down, pick yourself up, dust the dirt off your knees, readjust your crown and count your blessings... it will help to shift the heaviest of hearts.

The Seven of Cups is the opportunity for this month, with the message of “stop fussing, you’re on the right path”. It’s easy to get sidetracked but with this cards energy as a blessing, it will be easier to make a solid choice and then find the focus to follow it through. If you can practice not becoming overwhelmed with life you’ll really start to see a movement into positive energy and clearing the stress from the last few months. 

The King of Swords is the outcome for June, his energy is definitely one you want coming into your life. He brings the ability to say what you mean and mean what you say, he also brings clarity and power in your communications. The end of the month will be a good time for Leo’s to clear the air, to step up and ask for the things you want in your lives. Use the fire of Leo energy mixed with this King to put your life back on track.



The Seven of Pentacles is the challenge for Virgos for June, affectionately known as the “hurry up and wait” card and for earthy Virgos, if their outer world is in turmoil it so affects their mental balance.  Patience is the lesson, patience and faith though this isn’t easy when you’re feeling the pressure of financial crunchiness. If you’ve been feeling blocked or that positive changes are just out of reach the message is just to dig down deep into your faith bucket, hold tight and trust that you are right where you need to be but know that something is about to shift, by staying in faith you can trust that it will be positive. 

The Four of Pentacles is the opportunity card and if you’ve truly practiced that whole faith thing, then it should pay off in bringing an energy of security and groundedness and being able to see real growth financially. Sigh of relief. This Four also brings the opportunity of creating good health, mentally, physically and energetically so watch for ways to help yourself. This can be a month of finally feeling like you’re catching up!

The Ten of Cups is the possible outcome for June, real reasons to celebrate and to feel grateful. By the end of the month you could be feeling some lovely new energies bubbling up, maybe some of that stress and restraint heaviness has lifted and you may be inspired to start something entirely new or maybe you just want to relax and just enjoy this newfound sense of peace... either way, enjoy!


The Three of Pentacles is your challenge for June Libras,  so the need to learn to align yourself with either others who you can collaborate with or energies that you can cooperate with is a real push now. Air ruled Libras can spend a lot of time in their heads so your challenge is to find a way to start creating and doing, not just thinking about it. This Three also asks you to step out there into the spotlight, show your talents off a bit so don’t let fear and insecurities keep you hiding.

The Chariot is your opportunity card for this month, a lovely energy of moving forward and feeling like your life has just clicked into place. There is a busyness to this card so try to use this energy to your benefit and say yes to any opportunity that comes to you, as long as it resonates with your intuition!

The Eight of Pentacles is your possible outcome for June, a time of really being able to see the harvest of your focus and hard work. There is a nice financial strength energy coming around the end of the month, so reinvest where you can; maybe in yourself or your home but either way, you’ll be feeling pretty good about what you’ve accomplished!


The Emperor is your challenge for June Scorpio’s; sometimes when life is chaotic we want to go into control mode, to hunker down and resist what’s going on... try not to! The challenge with this guy is to yes, set healthy boundaries, set up protections sure, but don’t go into full on battle mode. Tone it down, focus on your strengths and do what you’ve got to do, step by step. Try a few deep breaths often too.

The Four of Wands is your opportunity and keeping with the theme of The Emperor, if you’re able to chill and use your energy wisely you’ll see a huge shift, bringing you opportunities to create stability, to create a feeling of sacred in your life. There is also an onus on putting some energy into your spiritual practice if you have one, or start one if you don’t. This doesn’t need to be big or grand, just something you do everyday that makes you feel connected or that gives you a sense of peace. This feeling of calm can really help you create lasting stability in whatever area of your life you want.

The Seven of Swords is your possible outcome for June so as you head into Summer, you’ll hopefully be feeling like you’re more on track. Maybe you’ll be finding it’s easier to just focus on your path and you won’t be so worried or affected by what everyone else is saying, thinking or doing. This is the card of just mind your business and keep on trucking! 



The Five of Wands is your challenge for June Sagittarians so be reminded to watch how you’re handling conflict. This stress/reactive energy out there in the world is very easy to get caught up in and the more you react to it the more you attract. Start doing an energy check in when your stress levels rise, try to see if you can see if it’s something that’s not really important, if it’s something that you really don’t need to respond to. This is an important time to conserve your energy too, save it and channel it into something more creative and less disruptive.   

The Knight of Cups is your opportunity this month, nice, romance, happiness and new adventures on the horizon. This is the payback for learning to use your energies wisely!! Take time to dream this month, if you’re partnered take time for romance. If you’re not , romance yourself, do something nice for you, love yourself up some... it will change the tone of your life!

The Devil is the possible outcome for June so... sometimes this guy is a little bit slippery, you’ve got to navigate carefully and gently. There can be real break throughs in changing old, stale patterns if you can learn the lesson of not letting fear reactions run your life. Do this and you will surely see a fun new theme emerge, one where you get to kick up your heels and have a heck of a lot more fun. The Devil holds a mirror up to our faces; if you like what you see, celebrate, if you don’t only you can change it!


The Two of Cups is the challenge for June for you Capricorns, a most lovely card to be sure, a card of emotional balance, of recieving that which your soul desires... the challenge is figuring out all of what that is and then trusting and believing that a.) you deserve it and b.) that it truly can happen. For the practical, earthy Capricorn’s, dreaming isn’t always easy. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect so for this month, make a ritual of Dreamtime, a little bit of a trip to fantasy where anything is possible could really benefit you right now. 

The Nine of Pentacles is the opportunity for the month, some nice feelings of financial confidence could have you finding ways to relax, maybe take a little vacation but definitely treat yourself because Baby, you’ve earned it! This nine likes alone time, it teaches us that YES, we deserve good things in our lives so ask for it!

The Nine of Wands is the outcome card for June, a bit of a theme with nines; they relate to the Hermit, to honouring the need to withdraw and take some time out. It looks like this energy carries through to the beginning of Summer so do watch your energy stores, learn to conserve them and use it wisely. Don’t forget to be using the downtime to dream and play and plan in your head though, you are definitely in conducive energy to start attracting them to you!



The Five of Swords is the challenge for June and for air based Aquarians the trick really is going to be learning to pick your battles. Conflict is a major theme for this card, conflict in relationships especially and confusion in communication so there will be a need to think before you speak and really be aware of your own sensitivity and the power of your words. Once spoken, words can’t be unsaid, be mindful of the pain they can cause. This is a chance to master diplomacy and also find new ways forward in what used to be difficult relationships. 

The Page of Pentacles is the opportunity for this month, let the learning begin! There may be a new idea you move forward with, an offer that allows you to advance on your career path or just a time of great learning but you’re like a sponge now, it’ll come so easy for you!! Soak it up!

The Ten of Swords is the possible outcome for June, not always a comfy card but a necessary one. Big changes lay ahead, ones that may even change your life, use the lesson learned in the Five of Swords where you’ve chosen wisely what you respond to, where you allow old patterns to exit your life and where you stop holding onto pain that no longer serves you. If you can be brave and authentic and if you can learn to step back from the negative you will see big beautiful breakthroughs and yes, you truly deserve that!



The Five of Pentacles is your challenge for June Pisces; an energy of poverty and restriction, who wouldn’t be challenged by that?? The reminder here is not to buy into that fear mentality that says “There is no way out of this! There is not enough!!” Look at where fear is infecting you and do your best to stop letting it have power over you, try to focus on what you do have and what IS going for you in your life. Sensitive, water based Pisces have an even harder time protecting yourselves from this energy, so do yur best to focus on the positive! A little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

The Ten of Pentacles is the opportunity card for your month, well happy days are here again!!! There could be a real chance to change your finances for the better,  the pos if a windfall that allows you to get ahead again. The best way to attract this is by staying out of fear energy and putting out the positive, it really can help!

The Four of Swords is the possible outcome for June and if the energetic trend continues for you where you’re using gratitude and protecting yourself from fear, then your payoff is some true peace and tranquillity and a feeling of being protected. You may even find time towards the end of the month for a well deserved rest, oh do enjoy it!!!!