The Rose: A Practice for Creating Clear Boundaries

by Amanda Beisel 

Starting your day with clarity and intention puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.  Make a commitment in 2018 to stop going through the motions of life unconsciously day after day, but rather grab the reins, take action and create the most incredible life you can.  You are the sole creator of your life; every choice you make results in the life you live.  

With that in mind, I’m so excited to share a powerful tool that I discovered in 2017—if you adopt one new practice in 2018, The Rose is it!.   I learned The Rose from What Do What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?, by Jim Self and Roxanne Burnett (And if you read one book in 2018, make it this one.) Read on for a brief introduction to The Rose. By the way, the image of a rose is used in this technique because it has a very high frequency and a long stem, which symbolizes grounding.

The Rose is the most practiced technique among Jim Self's students. It’s used to help you define and hold your space while you move through the noise of your day. The Rose acts like a vacuum cleaner, removing the opinions and thoughts of others that accumulate in the centre of your head. This happens very frequently especially when we’re not consciously aware and protecting our energy field. You may very well be making important life decisions based on others’ opinions that have filtered through your energy field and into your mind. The Rose method will prevent this from happening by teaching your to consciously protect your energy field and filter out that isn’t yours. I’m sure you’re beginning to see why this method can truly transform your life.

How to do The Rose 

  •  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  
  • Feel yourself establishing a grounding cord that runs from the base of your spine all the way down to the centre of the earth. Feel how your deep roots make you solid as an oak tree.  
  • Find a memory of a rose and allow yourself to see it as you remember.  This will be your rose.  
  • Imagine yourself holding this rose straight out in front of you. Imagine the rose firmly held between your thumb and fingers. Now, visualize yourself doing full 360-degree turn, tracing an arms-length circle around your entire body.  
  • Draw your attention to the space inside the circle you just created. This is your personal space. Stay on this side of the rose, holding all your attention and energy in this circle. 
  • Take a deep breath. Reconnect to that grounded feeling and open your eyes.

Remember to stay on your side of the rose.  That way, no one’s energy can penetrate this circle and you keep all your energy and attention inside.

You experience yourself inside of this circle and everything beyond this circle belongs to others.  Once you begin to observe life from this point, you’ll begin to feel more inner peace. Your circle can contract and expand as people come close to you.  Always keep your rose halfway between the two of you. Whatever that person says, it will not filter into your energy field. This allows you to listen without trying to fix other people. Being a fixer results in you taking on another person’s energy and pain—without actually helping them.

Start your day with The Rose tool and move through your day within your circle, creating clear boundaries. Watch your life begin to change, as you inhabit your power and consciously choose the life you want to live.