Inner Peace Rose Ritual: Create Calm

August, seriously, you’re being a little intense. Let this enchanting ritual lend you a rose-scented island of anytime, anywhere calm.
Can you feel it? We’ve got Mercury in retrograde until September 5 and—NBD—a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse on August 21. Plus, we’re bidding farewell to summer’s pleasure free-for-all and making the pulse-quickening dive into the re-birth of autumn. Get the most growth and joy out of this intense time by planning islands of renewal, like this gorgeous ritual. Remember, when we protect our energy, we protect our beauty, so turn off your phone, turn down the lights and dive in to the beautiful rose-scented heart of your own calm.


  • Inner Peace Elixir by Lotus Wei
  • Sage and Sweetgrass 
  • Kismet Bath Soak  
  • Rose Toner
  • Beeswax or soy tea light candle
  • Meditation timer (Your phone will do; just promise me it’s in airplane mode.)


Run a bath
Make it a little warmer than normal since you won’t be getting in right away. Add your Kismet Soothe Soak, swirling it in the water to dissolve the healing salts as you inhale the intoxicating scent. Turn off the water. Dim the bathroom lights and place your Adorned Rose Toner and lit candle on the edge of the tub. Go into another room, leaving the bathwater warm and still.

Light the Sage, Sweetgrass and Juniper Stick. Starting at your heart center waft the smoke all over your body. The sage will clean off any energy that doesn’t belong to you, the sweetgrass will tone and harmonize your own sweet energy and the juniper will insulate you from negativity. Waft some smoke over the top of your head, letting it sweep away any thoughts that don’t serve you.

Place a drop of Inner Peace Elixir under your tongue and say aloud, “I am supported.” Repeat five times.

Place five more drops of elixir under your tongue (or more, it’s so darn good!) and meditate for five minutes silently repeating, “I am supported.”

Step out of your clothes. Spray your Adorned Rose Toner on your heart center and say aloud, “I am loved.”

Next, spray your toner on your solar plexus and say aloud “I am safe.”

Spray it over your head and say aloud, “All is well.”

Step into your warm, still lagoon. Which of the affirmations felt most wonderful to you? Close your eyes and repeat that one silently as you luxuriate in your scented bath, knowing with every cell that you deserve peace, pleasure and beauty. If you get too warm, cool yourself with a spray of toner, knowing that rose-scented calm is always within your reach.

Take it to go
For the next week, bring your Rose Toner with you everywhere you go. Spray your aura whenever you wish to return to the peace of your ritual. Having access to this island of serenity will enable you to re-frame stressful situations as opportunities to exercise your beautiful calm.