Green Aventurine: Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

What a lucky stone!

In fact, it's considered the most-luck generating gem in the mineral kingdom. Green aventurine's properties works to make you luckier in two ways. First, it attracts good fortune in pretty much any situation: work with green aventurine and you'll notice you're constantly connecting with exactly the people and circumstances you need to move forward. The second way it works is by clearing obstacles to your success. This little green beauty wants to help you succeed so much that it seeks out your unconscious barriers such as low self worth, or avoidance through procrastination and helps you identify and heal your blocks so you can sail into the clear blue sky of your life's purpose.

Strengthen Yourself

Green aventurine also strengthens leadership abilities while helping to foster openness—it even improves you sense of humour. Got a friend starting a new job? An aventurine heart and a copy of The First 90 Days is the gift that says, "Go get 'em, Tiger!"

To start working with green aventurine, sit with it in meditation. Get to know it's joyous can-do quality. Feel how it affects your body. You may experience it in your heart chakra, since green is is the colour associated with that energy centre. Let your stone know that you are open and welcoming to it's help, that you hope the two of you will have lots of fun together. Ask your stone to show you what you need to let go of to move forward. Ask it not to show you the big picture, but to point you in the direction of the next small step. Then, start noticing the lucky breaks piling up. Have fun!