Crystal Heart-Chakra Meditation

The Crystal Heart-Chakra Meditation starts with trusting yourself to intuitively find the perfect crystal for you at this moment. Close your eyes and direct your attention to the heart center. Take three deep breaths, then allow your breath to flow naturally.   Silently ask, “Which crystal healing do I need at this time?” Wait patiently for the answer. Don’t question what comes up. Trust that your inner guidance has your back.  Remember, your higher self whispers; quite often the feeling, voice, or vision that appears will be quite subtle. If you don’t possess the stone you were guided to, find one. Get to know it. Read about its meanings and properties.

Lie on your back on the floor and get comfortable. Place your stone on your heart center and close your eyes. Lay your hands at your sides with palms facing up.  Follow your breath, drawing your attention to your inhale and exhale. Feel and be aware of the chest and abdomen rising on the inhale and sinking on the exhale. As you exhale, imagine yourself sinking deep into the earth.  After 10 to 15 breaths visualize yourself resting in the heart space of Mother Earth. Know that you are fully supported and nurtured by her always. Silently chant, “I am loved, I am supported always.”  Create a feeling of deep unconditional, love expanding from your heart center through your entire body and beyond. Stay in this meditation for 20 to 30 minutes. Meditation timers are available as free apps; I recommend using one so you can fully relax into your meditation without worrying about the time.

Guide yourself out of the meditation by feeling or visualizing yourself emerging from the earth with each inhale. Allow yourself 10 inhales to completely come back to your body. Slowly open your eyes and roll to your right side to come to a seated position.  Express gratitude to Mother Earth for her love and support.