Black Tourmaline: Meet Your New Go-to Crystal

Like your favourite little black dress, black tourmaline is the must-have ally you’ll reach for again and again. 
Virtually everyone can benefit from the positive attributes of black tourmaline, and it’s especially powerful when worn. Wear it on the left side of your body—where energy enters your aura—as your front-line protection against anything that threatens your all-important well being.  And it goes with everything! Black tourmaline is one of the only stones that heals on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Black tourmaline strengthens immunity, promotes detoxification, and improves circulation and metabolism. Black tourmaline is piezoelectric, meaning it can store an electric charge causing it to release health-boosting negative ions and infrared radiation. It also releases a small electric current that shields its wearer from the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from televisions, cell phones and computers, making it a natural choice for an everyday wear-to-work crystal. 

Emotional and Mental
Strongly associated with groundedness, happiness and positivity, black tourmaline relieves stress and anxiety, while boosting self-confidence.

Powerful black tourmaline protects you from negative energies by transforming them into good vibes before returning them to the sender, helping to heal challenging relationships. It also balances and clears the chakras and aura. 

Treat your sweet self to a  beautiful chunk of black tourmaline today or adorn your body in this gemstone as a bracelet or mala. Trust me—you’ll wonder how you ever did without this potent crystal-wardrobe staple. 

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