Live Your Greatest Life: Three Transformational Practices

Sometimes the simplest of practices are the hardest to commit to. I have really been working on letting go of the bad habits that are lowering my vibe, disconnecting me from inner guidance and throwing me off my centre. 

I dedicate time every morning to sitting in front of my altar and giving thanks for this life, for Great Spirit and my divine team of guides and angels. I call upon them for continued guidance, wisdom, nudges, and support. Time and time again, they patiently keep guiding me back to the three key practices below, reminding me that my highest growth and potential is waiting to emerge and that I must cultivate the space for this to happen. Yet for eight months I have put up resistance both consciously and unconsciously and have recently come to realize playing it safe, choosing mediocrity and seeking security is what is holding me back. I’ve been wanting to play life safe, secluding myself in my warm little cocoon. Sounds cozy, right? 

Butterfly Guidance  

About two weeks ago my inner butterfly began speaking to me, and letting me know that she’s ready to take flight and leave the safety of the cocoon. She encouraged me in an increasingly louder voice to commit to the three simple practices that will allow me to use my life in its greatest service.  

The Power of the Moon 

As I am trying to process the messages from my inner butterfly, this undeniably powerful shifting energy of the Blue Blood Moon floods my space.  Graciously and unapologeticaly illuminating my shadows of feeling unworthy, fearful of being seen, of using my voice and of being rejected.

These intense and overwhelming messages from the moon and the butterfly were very loud and clear: There is no longer any space to nurture my victim, my fears and my excuses to play life safe and make poor decisions.  Empowerment and self love are ready to take over.  

My Vow to a Higher Vibration 

So, on the full moon, in a voice of power and with a deep commitment to my soul I vowed to honour the butterfly within and heed the guidance and healing of the moon. I released low-vibration vices and committed to these three practices of transformation from my divine team. I invite you to join me in using these practices to make way for your own power and potential.

1) Be in the Present Moment
Be present, feel my feet beneath my body, connect to my inhale and exhale, take in my surroundings and know that this is the only moment I have.  This is going to take time and practice to make a part of my life.  Here’s how I’ve been working towards this: When I walk my dog, I always stop and feel the earth below me and remind myself of the preciousness of this moment.  When working throughout my day I set a timer every hour to remind me to stay present. This is a good place to start.

2) Speak Your Truth 
We are all important and powerful human beings who deserve to be honoured for who we are. When I have something important to share, I’m working on speaking it from my heart. When I’m in a situation that does not feel in alignment with who I am—I’m speaking up.  When a voice comes from the heart it is powerful and it will make not only a huge impact on us, but on other people as well.  Allowing people to witness us as we speak our truth lends them the courage to do the same.

3) Connect to Mother Nature
I’m starting my day grounding to the supportive healing earth.  I sit in a meditative position on the floor and close my eyes. I feel a grounding cord from my root chakra connect deep to the earth below.  I visualize myself tugging the cord on either end and feeling it being solidly connected.  I take a few deep inhales and exhales and feel healing green energy coming up through the cord into my entire body and aura.  Then I form a shield of green protective light around my body at about an arm’s lengths in all directions and allow this shield to protect me throughout the day.   I thank Mother Earth for all the healing and grounding she provides and begin moving through my day in a grounded, present state.